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The Public Sector Consortium is a multi-service non-profit committed to growing the practice of leadership through adult action-oriented learning opportunities to assure that leaders create and sustain high performance in public sector organizations.

We are committed to sustainable leadership practices and models of governance that:

  • Balance operational demands with learning and innovation
  • Support integrative vs. additive approaches to societal needs
  • Honor a systems approach
  • Promote interdependent leadership practices
  • Provide accountability and measurable results
  • Balance the complexity of the work with achieving outcomes
  • Support the professional practice of leadership

History has shown us that democracies around the world thrive only where there is a healthy and competent civil service. Strong public institutions that positively affect the quality of our daily lives depend on excellent leadership at all levels. The Public Sector Consortium’s Formal Learning Programs are only one part of a system of learning which includes a Community of Practice, On-Site Consulting, Coaching Services and ongoing Research Projects.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality leadership learning opportunities while insuring financial feasibility for public sector leaders. We serve all levels of the public sector federal, state, local and public education. Access at state and local levels to quality leadership training is often more difficult given strict budget restraints.  Our goal is to close this gap through grants, donations and revenue from current programs.

We support leaders who inspire passion and energy in the workforce through learning, practice and partnerships.

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The Community of Practice mailing list is used to notify people of our monthly First Friday dialogue sessions, which are free teleconferences focused on topics related to public leadership.  Learn more about the Community of Practice here.

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We encourage all citizens to understand how their government works and to share their ideas. To contact your elected representatives in Congress go to or To contact the President and his team go to

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